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Beauty salon “BORDO” professionals are working with the Belgian company “PASCAUD” and Italian made “Comfort Zone” cosmetic products.

In 1989 nineteen years old Mardge Pascaud founded her own company name “PASCAUD” producing all the doctor-dermatologist office requiring products. It was the first company of its kind in the world. All of the company’s products and nutraceuticals are manufactured and stored in accordance with the pharmaceutical standards ISO, GAP, and HACCP. In 2011 commission made up of 40 beauty industry magazine editors and independent experts awarded company “PASCAUD” with the “Best Cosmeceutical Brand” and “Innovations in the Field of Cosmetology” awards.

“Comfort Zone” is a brand of professional cosmetics created on the basis of the Italian experience and the use of advanced technologies. These cosmetic products are created for the face and body skin care, her condition improvement and to foster long-lasting youthfulness. These products operate immediately because of the active substances efficiency and pleasant sensation provided by the cosmetics to the skin. The results remain exceptionally long. When designing new products, “Comfort Zone” company combines advanced ingredients from nature and biologically active substances developed by high technologies. While developing its products company has strict quality control standards in order to ensure maximum product quality reliability.

You are welcome to purchase “Pascaud” and “Comfort Zone” cosmetics as well as production from “Wella”, “Sebastian”, “Este”, “Gelish” and other brands at beauty salon “BORDO”. For more information about cosmetic products please contact our team.

+370 667 00022
Pylimo g. 22D, Vilnius