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“Comfort Zone” is a brand of professional cosmetics created on the basis of the Italian experience and the use of advanced technologies. These cosmetic products are created for the face and body skin care, her condition improvement and to foster long-lasting youthfulness. These products operate immediately because of the active substances efficiency and pleasant sensation provided by the cosmetics to the skin.


There are days when you open the closet and you do not know what to wear. Sometimes this kind of situation happens when you arrive at the beauty salon. However, “BORDO” helps me to avoid a situation like this because all the girls working here very well know what are they doing so they always have something new to offer. I am glad to come up with decisions for my face care not spontaneously, but after the consultation with professional cosmetologists.

Agnė V.

Nothing is worse than a visit to a hairdresser when you come to cut you hair tip only and leave the salon with half shorter hair. “BORDO” hairdressers listen and hear what does the client want, so they work not at their own discretion but according to my wishes. This is essential when choosing whom to entrust the formation my own style.

Jurgita Ž.

I appreciate both quickness and quality. These two may seem difficult to combine, but I assure that it is possible when professionals are in charge. That is why I choose “BORDO” where the team is nothing but the highest quality professionals.

Karolis S.

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